Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Bounty Hunter and the Bride, book #32

I am a sucker for judging a book by its cover but for some reason I don't even recall ever seeing this cover.  Not that it would have necessarily dissuaded me, but it  might have.  This was a cheap-y thanks to Amazon (.99) and I feel certain I got my money's worth out of it.  

I decided with all the adventure I had been on lately in my books it was time to go back to my pioneer loves and decided to read this one.  It felt good to be back!  And it was a quick read, with less than 200 pages.  Yes, it was predictable, but I always love the story!!

Katie Hoffman lost her husband after only four months of marriage. Pregnant and close to losing the farm, she advertises to sell it. When a handsome buyer offers to marry her and let her keep the farm, she hastily agrees, wanting to give her child a father. But rushing into another marriage proves to be a mistake when a rugged bounty hunter crashes the wedding to capture the groom. Will Katie slow down enough to hear God's voice? Dusty McIntyre lost his wife to a heinous outlaw. After tracking the criminal for over a year, catching him doesn't bring Dusty the satisfaction that he'd hoped for. Dusty feels compelled to help Katie. Will he stay and find the peace and love he is looking for?  (picture and description from amazon)

Book Club is this week so it will be interesting to see what we choose!
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Something that lasts, book #31

Ok, let me just start out by saying, "WHAT ON EARTH WAS THIS BOOK DOING AT GOODWILL FOR $1.99?!?!?"  This was some good, heavy, deep stuff that does not belong at Goodwill for $1.99.  Had I known it was going to be this good I would have grabbed the whole tableful of books!

I mean, let's read the back cover...

When Ted Balik rises from the pew to speak, no one in the crowded sanctuary of the O'Fallon Bible Church can imagine that within minutes, their lives will be shattered and their community scandalized.  Sitting behind the altar, the Reverend David Parst goes pale and glances toward Balik's wife, Erica.  Near the front of the church, the pastor's 12-year-old son turn to his mother, who is rocking gently in a self-comforting hug, as if she senses that what Balik is about to say will tear her family apart.  

What happens in this one moment will plunge them all into a struggle with God and each other that will span three generations -- a struggle to find something that lasts beyond life's disappointment, anger and fear.

You can probably imagine what happened from there and I figured it was going to be a classic, hubs gets caught, wife leaves with kid, time goes by, they get back together...but nope, not this one.  It takes on a ride that follows David, Sarah (the wife) and Jack (the son) through many trials and tribulations, some in ways I never saw coming.  

It is divided into three parts, the first one around the 60s, then into the early 80s, then probably early 2000s or modern day.  Although no specific dates are mentioned, I love how he ties in details of the surroundings and conversations to give you an idea of what decade the current part is in.

Yep, it comes highly recommended!  It looks like since apparently Goodwill in Franklin had all the paper copies it is now only available on Kindle for $8.99 on Amazon.  (I didn't check other places)  Or you can come by our church library and check it out for free!

(picture from amazon)

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A side of faith, book #30

Wowzers but Krista Phillips did it again!  We read the first book she wrote last year and now she has written a new one, a novella this time that was a fun and quick read! 

When I first started I thought it was going to be like a Hallmark movie--you know how it ends, but want to see how they get there--and I was pretty certain I was right on track, until about the last 25 pages.  The funny thing is, I started reading this on our trip to the beach, thinking if I stuck with it I could actually finish in on the way down.  But other things distracted me and when we arrived I had about 30 minutes of it left to read.  (I was reading on my Paperwhite and sometimes its easier to measure it that way!) Now, in the mean time I started another book -- a paperback for the actual beach -- so I didn't pick this one back up that much, only at night when I was falling into bed SOOOO TIRED!!  I would read about a page or two, then zonk!  I was out.  It was really frustrating, but I just could not stay awake!  I finally finished it the day we left, while everyone else was working on getting the car packed .... (Don't judge, it was a crazy place we stayed and not as simple as it sounds to load the car!)  

We are reading this for book club next week and the best treat is that the author will be there!!  She lives here in Spring Hill and is coming to hang out with us!

Rachel Carter is on top of the world. A new job in a new town, friends, and a house to call her own. Men? Eh, someday. And when the time comes, she’ll go for a nice safe geek or something. She will NOT be repeating the mistakes of her youth. But then Cameron Foster comes knocking on her door, reminding her of the man she vows never to think of again.  God wouldn’t send her a man who reminds her of everything she is trying to put behind her...would He?  (book and description at amazon

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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The confession, book #29

Oh, Robert Whitlow, you slay me.  Every time I read you, you  slay me.  And I love it.  Every. Time.  Remember this? And this? And then there were all the other ones I didn't blog about. 

I found this book at LifeWay a while ago and couldn't wait to start it.  I didn't have to read the back, because I knew it would not matter.  He will never disappoint!  

This book finds us in Paxton, GA with Holt Douglas as assistant DA.  He likes his job, even though he knows he could be making more money in private practice.  When a cold case file accidentally shows up on this desk, his life will never be the same.  Even though he was warned repeatedly not to reopen it, there were too many unanswered questions he could not professionally let go.  But sometimes what seems like the obvious truth is not even remotely close to the real truth.  And while some things are truly better left in the past, some things that have been buried deep need to come out so you can clear your conscience once and for all.  Theme?  Confession and forgiveness is the only way you can truly be free!!  

There were so many things I loved about this book, but the LORD also used it to speak to me in a way I was not expecting.  There is a particular young man I am praying for to open his heart to Jesus, and so far as I can tell this young man is not open to that at this time.  But I keep praying, even with the disappointment I faced this week in regards to that, because you just never know what is really going on behind the scenes.  Any prayers you want to offer for him would be greatly appreciated!!

Confession is good for the soul, but it could mean death to an ambitious young lawyer.  Assistant DA Holt Douglas has made a career of getting confessions from criminals. With a confession in hand, he knows a guilty plea is soon to follow.  In the midst of professional success, Holt is haunted by asecret—a lie he buried in the grave of his best friend. Holt’s crime is hidden from all eyes — family, friends, police, and his soon-to-be fiancĂ©.  But the truth has a way of coming back to life.  With obsessive prosecutorial zeal, Holt reopens a cold case involving the death of the town’s wealthiest citizen. The man’s death was ruled a suicide, but Holt suspects murder. Facing fierce opposition, he is determined to expose the killer. Holt slowly begins to unravel the facts.  And comes face-to-face with his own guilty conscience. With his job, his relationship with the woman he loves, and his future at risk, Holt skirts the boundary between truth and lies, confession and hypocrisy, redemption and ruin. Can he survive long enough to finally make the right choice?  (description and picture from amazon)

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

The healing quilt, book #28

Ahh, it's not often you think of Amish and the beach, but this one does a nice mix of both.  This is the third in a series that follows Lamar and Emma Yoder to Florida for the winter.  While there, Emma begins to miss her family and friends and decides to get brave enough to start a Quilting Class, never sure of who the Lord is going to pull together for them. 

This class has Kim, a somewhat klutz, who moves from NC to FL by following a boyfriend.  However the boyfriend dumps her and she is stranded in FL with no friends.  She sees this as a chance to make new friends, never knowing a love interest was in the bargain also. There is also Jennifer, a very pregnant and struggling financially young lady whose husband has lost his job; Erika, a teen in a wheelchair paralyzed from a diving accident; Noreen, a widow looking for something to do; Phyllis/Mike who see what needs to be done to repair their marriage, and BJ, an older gentleman dying of cancer has not told anyone, wanting to live out the best he can with whatever time is left.

As always there are twists and turns, relationships made, connections they never would have guessed, and everything happens quickly in the last meeting.

The second book in the series is here and I know I read the first one but I can't find it back through my lists.  These books are good if you like lighter fare, a fair amount of detail, following relationships, and seeing how God can use everyday situations in ways you may never think!

Retired Amish newlyweds Emma and Lamar Miller have decided to buy a winter place in Sarasota, Florida. But it wouldn’t feel like home if Emma didn’t take her quilting materials and offer classes. Wounded and hurting people have a knack for finding their way to her classes for some quilting therapy: Jennifer, a pregnant new mom; Mike, a charter boat owner; Erika, a wheelchair-bound teen; Kim, a waitress; Noreen, a newly-retired widow; and BJ, an artist facing illness. And when Jan, visits from Indiana, romance is also added to the class discussions.  (picture and description from amazon.)

Now I think after several romantic/family books it's time for some lawyer/police/crime/murder/missing persons stuff!!  Bring on the new Robert Whitlow!!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Moms night out, book #27

 I saw the movie version two times in the theatre.  I laughed my head off both times.  I did a prebuy at LifeWay (you know, for the library...) and was holding my breath till it came out.  When it finally came out and I brought it home, I watched it with my kids.  They did not find in nearly as funny.  I still laughed hysterically.  

When I was able to download the book on my Paperwhite for next to nothing, I  couldn't wait to read it.  In most novelizations the author will add back stories and more life to make it more like a book.  I love Tricia Goyer.  It seemed like a match made in heaven.  

But alas ..... sigh.  Reading this book was just like watching the movie.  What little details "behind the story" she did add was pithy.  Like I'm sure my 13 year old could have written this and it would have been just as good.  Highly disappointed.  I know Tricia can write well, I have read some awesome books by her.  This was just not one of her better works.  Perhaps she should stick to made up fiction and not novelizations.  

An endearing true-to-life family comedy that celebrates beautiful parenting, Goyer's Mom's Night Out is a novelization of the film that portrays three harried moms, their husbands, a sister-in-law with a misplaced parlor owner, a motorcycle gang, and a bewildered cabbie whose lives intertwine after one momentous moms' night out. (picture and description at christianbook)


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Seagrass Pier, book #26

Yes, I did in fact read this book in three days.  Yes, it is 336 pages.  Yes, my husband and kids felt a little ignored.  Yes, I was up until midnight finishing it.  But sometimes an amazing book comes along and you just can't help it.  (Think Redeeming Love!)  Now, not that I would put this one up with Redeeming Love, but I guess I was just seriously in the mood for some mystery, police, love, throw in a cute kid kind of book.  

This is the third in a series Colleen Coble has written about Hope Beach, which is somewhere near Virginia Beach.  It is a quaint little community that sounds like Seaside, FL, but trouble still abounds.  I mean, why else would she write books about it?!?!?  This is one a little similar to another book I read about cell memory, where Elin had a heart transplant and the memories of the person whose heart she received keep coming back.  Like, who killed the person in question that allowed Elin to have her heart. Completely intriguing.  But the end, well, you just have to read it for yourself!!

In a secluded corner of Hope Beach, one woman must decipher a stranger’s memories . . . before they cost her everything.
Elin Summerall was one of the lucky ones. Not only did she get a heart transplant, but the donor was a perfect fit. A miraculously perfect fit.
But when Elin begins having violent flashbacks—and vivid dreams of being strangled—she realizes that she has been the recipient of more than just a new heart . . . Elin is remembering her donor’s murder.
Her strange affliction has attracted some unwanted attention: from the press, from the authorities . . . and from the killer himself. Now, living alone with her young daughter and aging mother, Elin is being stalked—by a man she’s only met in her nightmares.
The police are dubious of her story, but one off-duty FBI agent agrees to help her: Agent Marc Everton.
Now, in a remote cottage on Hope Island, Elin and Marc must probe the secrets buried in her borrowed heart. And there’s no time to waste. One man is desperate to silence her—before she remembers too much. (picture and description at amazon)