Monday, May 22, 2017

The Knight and the Dove, book #13

I do love the oldies!  When Robi suggested we read this for May I wasn't too thrilled, because I had already read it about 100 years ago. (Meaning, I don't want to waste my time reading books I have already read when there are over 200 just waiting on my Paperwhite alone.)  But, I am a good sport and read it anyway.

Surprise!  I honestly did not remember any of it at all and I absolutely LOVED it!! While I do love me some historical fiction, this time period (1500s) is not a go to for me.  But see .... we just have to expand our boundaries and try new things!  Or old things, as the case may be!  I don't know that I will reaching for medieval again any time soon, but this story was timeless.  It could have just as easily (in general) been set in any time and still been awesome!

When the king commands Bracken to marry, high-spirited Megan is chosen to fulfill the edict. Unskilled in the ways of love, Bracken finds Megan captivating, yet cannot seem to voice his feelings until he almost loses her forever.  (description and image from amazon)

Happy reading!


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